SKN Rehab is a beauty brand with a difference - we create easy to follow, results-driven skincare plans, devised to work around your lifestyle.


We understand that not everyone has the same skin goals, or accessibility to expensive clinical treatments; but healthy & clear skin is something we believe, should be available to all.


We created The SKN REHAB Facial as a multi-targeted skin treatment; the system uses five technologies along with skin-loving vitamins, actives, and growth factors. Each treatment is personalised, and targets specific skin concerns, whether it's lines and wrinkles, acne/spot -prone skin, pigmentation, dull & tired skin, or you simply want that SKN REHAB glow.


The SKN REHAB devices were designed to enhance your skincare routine at home, and extend the life of your professional treatments. From derma rollers to LED masks these handy little devices will keep skin healthy between professional treatments. 


SKN REHAB Skincare

Targeted, results-driven skincare ranges to improve the condition of your skin and address common issues; such as oily skin, breakouts, ageing and dryness.


The ultimate in-salon clinic treatment, combining 5 innovative technologies for an intense treatment with professional results.


This system, used across the UK, is now available for Mobile Therapists.