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Derma Roller Essentials Kit - SKN DRENCH

Derma Roller Essentials Kit - SKN DRENCH


Our all-new Derma Roller Kits contain everything you need to achieve professional results yourself; combining a top quality roller with targeted skincare solutions created to tackle your individual complexion concerns.



- 1 x SKN Rehab Derma Roller 0.25mm- 1 x10 SKN Rehab Active of your choice (choose from Vitamin C+, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid or Vitamin AAmino Acid SKN Active Serums; to best suit your complexion concerns.)- 1 x SKN Rehab Soothing Biocellulose Mask (ideal to calm and soothe skin after micro-needling.)


Unsure which Active Serum to add to your Derma Roller Kit? Our Actives are explained below. As well as being contained in this great value home kit, SKN Rehab Active Serums can also be ordered separately.


When used alongside your Derma Roller, the powerful active ingredients contained in the SKN Rehab Active Serum of your choice are absorbed into your complexion & delivered exactly where they're needed; via micro channels in the skin (created by the fine needles on the Derma Roller.)


For Brighter Looking, Radiant Skin:
Choose SKN Rehab Vitamin C+ Serum

A powerful multi-vitamin complex for the skin.

Created to feed your skin with powerful antioxidants, our Vitamin C+ SKN Active contains a highly concentrated cocktail of pure active multivitamins; which work to illuminate and brighten the complexion.

Pure Vitamin C (3%) within the serum's rich formula acts as an anti ageing superstar – as well as helping to form collagen & elastin to keep skin plump and youthful looking. This powerful active ingredient acts as an antioxidant to protect skin, brighten the complexion and inhibit the production of tyrosinase; an enzyme that creates hyperpigmentation.

For Dry Skin That Needs A Hit Of Hydration:
Choose SKN Rehab Hyaluronic Acid+ Serum

Delivers an extreme dose of hydration to the skin, leaving it plumper & younger looking.

The powerful Hyaluronic Acid active within this hydrating serum works to absorb up to 1000x times its weight in water... meaning it helps transform parched skin into a super absorbent sponge; soaking up hydration and effectively plumping out your complexion.

The inclusion of Allantoin within our Hyaluronic Acid+ Active works to increase the water content of the skin, allowing the Hyaluronic Acid to soak this up for a double-dose of intense hydration. In addition, Allantoin is also known for its ability to stimulate cell regeneration & encourage new tissue growth; as well as helping to soften, protect and soothe skin.

For Clearer Skin & To Banish Breakouts:
Choose SKN Rehab Salicylic Acid+ Serum

Ideal for oily, spot-prone and problematic skin.

This targeted treatment is designed to clear skin of impurities and breakouts; with hero active Salicylic Acid working to fight blemishes and leave your complexion clearer, balanced and purified.

Tea Tree Oil contained within our Salicylic Acid+ Serum is renowned for its powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties; working to purify and calm problematic skin whilst fighting off acne producing bacteria. This super ingredient works in unison with Witch Hazel in the serum's rich formula - a natural antioxidant which boasts high levels healing actives that reduce inflammation and prevent cellular damage.

The inclusion of Willow Bark Extract adds a natural form of Salicylic Acid to the list of potent actives in this serum; which removes dead skin cells and allows for a deeper absorption of the product's formula.


For Younger Looking, More Supple Skin:
Choose SKN Rehab Amino Acids+ Serum

A powerful anti-ageing complex.

The combination of powerful, anti-ageing Amino Acids within this serum's formula work to promote cell generation and increase the production of collagen within your skin; for a younger looking complexion that glows with health and restored plumpness.


The inclusion of Syn-ake (5%) (a peptide inspired by the effect of temple viper venom) within our Amino Acids+ Serum actively boost collagen production - as well as working to soften fines lines and wrinkles. This super ingredient works in harmony with CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant that gives skin the energy it needs to repair damaged cells... complementing the properties of Liquid Silk Extract; which forms a natural layer over the skin, keeps moisture locked in, protects skin against toxins / environmental damage.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please send it back to us within 14 days and SKN REHAB will give you a full refund.

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